Its horror and its beauty are divine.Upon its lips and eyelids seems to lieLoveliness like a shadow, from which shrine,Fiery and lurid, struggling underneath,The agonies of anguish and of death. Yet it is less the horror than the graceWhich turns the gazer’s spirit into stoneWhereon the lineaments of that dead faceAre graven, till the charactersContinue reading “MEDUSA”

Friendship, 友谊, صَدَاقَة, urafiki

As defined by my favorite shadow @Jerome T Friendship is not a contract, It’s not a beauty contest Not a perfect world It’s not a void to be filled It’s not a showcase Not an opportunity Neither a cover up NEVER A COVER UP!!! Friendship is peace The calm in the storm A place ofContinue reading “Friendship, 友谊, صَدَاقَة, urafiki”

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