Favorite cupcake

I can never say no to M when he comes around.

I just need someone to hold me when I’m coming down

And that’s person always been M, he’s kinda reliable.

I feel like Harley Quinn, cause I can’t live without my Joker

Even from a far

Anyone could tell we are both drunk

You got me high than I have ever been

And am not high off some beverage

But high off you

I love it when we both laugh,

Sneaking glances at each other

Yet we both know the other is staring

I love the way we curl into each other

With nervousness hidden behind a subtle excitement.

I have found it hard not to fall in love with you

Because you see the mixed parts of my soul

And you understood the darkest

And dirtiest corners of my mind


Published by tulip

trying to live everyday as it comes on to me.... an introvert trying to fight depression masked by anxiety

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