To me trust is more than loyalty

And keeping Secrets.

It’s knowing that you will be careful

With my heart

And gentle with my spirit

And compassionate with my memories.

It’s knowing that you will let me have a voice,

Have space for my talents,

And room for my flaws, faults and silliness.

And that being me is always enough😊

Friendship, 友谊, صَدَاقَة, urafiki

As defined by my favorite shadow @Jerome T

Friendship is not a contract,

It’s not a beauty contest

Not a perfect world

It’s not a void to be filled

It’s not a showcase

Not an opportunity

Neither a cover up


Friendship is peace

The calm in the storm

A place of solace in chaos

A tribe build of solid traditional

A gem hold it together

That the world looks to break

It’s sacrifice

It’s comprise

Friendship is love

Friendship is you and I

Friendship is you

Friendship is I

Friendship is us



Favorite cupcake

I can never say no to M when he comes around.

I just need someone to hold me when I’m coming down

And that’s person always been M, he’s kinda reliable.

I feel like Harley Quinn, cause I can’t live without my Joker

Even from a far

Anyone could tell we are both drunk

You got me high than I have ever been

And am not high off some beverage

But high off you

I love it when we both laugh,

Sneaking glances at each other

Yet we both know the other is staring

I love the way we curl into each other

With nervousness hidden behind a subtle excitement.

I have found it hard not to fall in love with you

Because you see the mixed parts of my soul

And you understood the darkest

And dirtiest corners of my mind


2nd heartbeat

Hey mum! Hopefully your fine and all is perfect in heaven. I miss you, and I have missed you a lot.

Today I write to you even when I won’t receive a reply I am hoping my heart will speak to you the words in this letter.

It’s been 12 years since death robbed me of you. Even when we are worlds apart, you still live on in my heart and my mind.

It’s sad that death did not only rob me of you physically but it took along with it all the kisses, hugs, the smiles, laughters, bonding moments and so much more.

I turned 22 last week and your the only one who didn’t wish me a happy +1 and I was really wishing you were here to give me a hug, look into my eyes and see how far I have come in life, all the things I have achieved in my life and be proud of me.

A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step and am happy I was able to take my first steps with you, and even now when am left to walk alone I know you still walk besides me.

Life has not be perfect but I have been able to put up a good fight and I still am. And I am thankful to your fighting spirit and perseverance.

I prayed and asked God to give you a hug for me.

I miss you and I love you mom💝


Anger is just another emotional that occurs naturally when we feel frustrated by the things happening around us or when someone tries to hurt or threatens us.

And just like any other emotion anger comes with a little pour of adrenaline that affects how we react when we are angry.

How your react when angry will the determine the outcome of the situation your faced with. But one thing I have come to learn is that bottling up so much anger is dangerous and once in awhile it’s good to let it out.

Too much anger kept within will affect your body and mind in the long run. Just like any other emotion feel the anger and express it in ways that are not harmful to you and those around you.

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